Buying or Leasing? Which is a Better Option for Commercial Offices in Delhi?

Delhi being the National capital is mostly liked by all in order to build up their own capital. You think of settling down your personal business or might be in a mood to celebrate your prosperity by expanding your business, but, the first thought arresting your mind must be whether to buy or lease your commercial occupancy? Well! Neither of the options is bad, both have their pros and cons, in fact it depends upon your nature of business, duration it is planned for and above all your budget that decides whether to lease or buy your would be commercial space. Below mentioned are some elucidations for the same must be– Follow your budget – If you are a...

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Benefits of Renting Office Space

Renting an office space can be a good idea if you are about to start a small business firm with some degree of capital in hand. Of course buying that area will give you a permanent ownership of the same and will add on to your property, but it’s never late if your pocket doesn’t allow you to do so at that time. Apart from the monetary factor there are several other dynamics which bends your contemplation towards renting rather than buying a space for your office, so let’s have a view of the same – Ready to work setup – If you are renting your office, in a business center, it will give you a real professional feel...

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